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Green Guidelines for Real Estate

Green Guidelines for Real Estate

These guidelines express our commitments and actions towards operating an environmentally and socially sustainable business, one that benefits not just ourselves and our clients, but also our communities and nature.


Our goal is to minimize unnecessary consumption of important natural resources, like clean water and air, healthy top soil, and to protect trees, wildlife and habitat.


This document and the guidelines outlined here are used in our business, and shared with our clients, partners, and communities; a guide for how to ground our values in specific actions and impactful choices. We invite you to read on to learn about what matters to us, and perhaps to gather ideas which you might integrate into your home or business to join us in taking responsibility for our one planet, together.


Our commitments address a wide range of choices we make as business leaders, as community members, and as conscious consumers. From environmental impact, to community benefit, to economic priorities, we consider every relationship an opportunity to grow together.


The Green Guidelines linked below shares many insights into how we operate our business, from reducing use of water, power, paper, packaging, and toxic materials, to prioritizing durable, quality, sustainable alternatives for our fixtures, appliances, paint, building materials, consumables, cleaning products, and more.

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