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Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with 7 Creative and Low-Cost Strategies

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with 7 Creative and Low-Cost Strategies

In addition to our article on ways to improve the value of your home, we want to chat about all-things curb appeal. Details in your home that may seem miniscule will actually be the very details that add the most value, surprisingly!


So, let’s get to it – curb appeal.


We all know (or we at least hope this is common knowledge) that the outward appearance of a home is just as crucial as the interior appearance. And the best part? There are countless ways to ensure the home’s exterior is well manicured without draining your bank account – it just takes some time and dedication!


First thing’s first: deep clean before, and clean all the details after. This includes, but is not limited to, pressure washing the driveway, paths and the exterior of the home, washing all windows (inside and out), and polishing doorknobs and all hardware. If pressure washing does not help, consider repairing or repaving the driveway completely.


In regards to exterior upgrades, replacing materials such as damaged shingles, along with replacing or repairing gutters (copper is best, but can also be pricey), is crucial. You may also want to consider adding shutters and trim, as they add aesthetic beauty, control light and ventilation a bit more, and provide additional security to the home. These shutters can be made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, composite (durable and low-maintenance), or fiberglass. You can also put in an updated mailbox to match the home’s color and style, along with flowers or other plants of choice around the base. Lastly, it is equally as imperative to camouflage any eyesores such as utility boxes, trashcans, garden hose, etc.!


To catch the eye of a passerby, you can add in thoughtful touches that make a large impact, such as big and bold address numbers (this is fun to get creative with!), brightly-colored accents such as a bold color for the front door (you want to ensure the front door has fresh paint for a cleanly look), bench or other elements, or new molding around the front door. While you’re at it, consider adding a comfortable seating area on your front porch with new furniture and nice railings! You can also make a big impact by changing out any old hardware for new and improved hardware such as a doorknocker or fun light fixtures. Top it off with a standout doormat, a fresh door wreath and/or hanging flowerpots, and you’re already making endless progress – it’s all about a lively and welcoming entrance!


When walking up to the entrance of a home, having a beautiful walkway that is well-kept will be sure to impress others. Elements such as paved walkways to the front door as well as to the side yard and the rear of the home, will automatically add value. It is also important to note that adding lighting to these pathways will provide the home with added security, safety, and aesthetic.


Now, let’s chat about the wonders of sprucing up your landscaping! To kick things off, you will want to remove dead or dying plants and remove all weeds. After doing so, you will want to replace most of the lawn with food and flowers, highlight front corners of the yard (along with driveways or walkways) and immediately plant fruit trees in front of the house. Adding window planters, especially for city homes without yards, will make for a great addition (copper or iron for a traditional look, or painted wood for a more cottage feel – you can mix and match flowers and plants to suit your lighting conditions and color scheme)! Do note, container gardens can be added by your agent and relocated to active listings (per discussion with your agent). To add depth to the home, you can add a low fence in the front – this can give the home a more dynamic look. In addition to all of the improvements above, consider adding a trellis over the garage for beautiful vines. And lastly, but most importantly, make sure to prune and manicure the entire front yard!


Best of luck on your journey to sprucing up your yard – take it from us, you won’t regret it!

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